CANAL+ Sport - Anti-Piracy & Geoblocking

CANAL+ Sport is a leading provider of sports content. Canal+ Sport shows, among others, matches of PKO BP Ekstraklasa, the French football league, half of the matches of the Spanish league, PGE Ekstraliga and eWinner I Liga Żużlowa, NBA league and WTA Tour tennis tournaments. Last fall bought the broadcasting rights of PKO BP Ekstraklasa for the next three seasons, the value of the contract is over PLN 300 million per year.

The challenge

CANAL+ Sport possesses premium materials and desires to share them on YouTube, while safeguarding against unauthorized use. Additionally, they aim to publish content solely in specified territories to align with their rights. Given the volume of materials involved, they seek a reliable partner to assist in channel organization.


Initially, we used Content ID to mitigate unauthorized viewership of their sports programs during our collaboration. BB Media Group utilizes exclusive tools, accessible only to certified YouTube partners, to verify the status of materials published on the platform. We managed CANAL+ Sport's files, ensuring compliance with YouTube's guidelines and minimizing conflicts with other rights holders.

In 2022, we implemented geo-blocking technology to adhere to CANAL+ Sport's guidelines and created specialized usage policies for films. This ensured that content could only be published in specific territories, restricting access based on the user's geographical location.

On an ongoing basis, we advise solving technical problems and sharing the necessary knowledge to let CANAL+ Sport operate swiftly on YouTube.

Results: What we did?

Geofencing of over 3600 selected materials - blocking the possibility of displaying published videos in specific territories where CANAL+ Sport did not have rights.

Over 19,000 labels assigned to resources for analytical and organizational purposes.

Over 250 cases resolved on behalf of the client from the CMS level.

Content creation takes time. Do you still have time to protect contents from piracy?

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Security On-bro


We specialize in spotting and stopping online pirates. We trace all copies, even if they are mere seconds long, and react by blocking a big part of coping attempts before they even reach YouTube.


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