Stand Up Series - production for Netflix

When Netflix enters a new country, it actively seeks out local content to cater to the specific tastes and preferences of the local audience. Conducts extensive market research to understand the cultural nuances, language, and viewing habits of the target country. This information helps them identify the types of content that are popular and in-demand among local viewers.

The challenge

Neflix needs to establish partnerships with local production companies, filmmakers, and content creators. Find collaborations which allow Netflix to acquire or produce original content that resonates with the local audience.


The BB Media Group possesses in-depth knowledge of the country's entertainment industry, culture, and audience preferences. We help Netflix identify and acquire existing local content that aligns with the streaming platform's requirements and audience preferences.

Results: What we did?

Stand Up production specifically for Netflix:

  • The Best of Rafał Rutkowski, Olka Szczęśniak,
  • Seriously funny Katarzyna Piasecka Rafał Pacześ,
  • Hilarious Trio, Mariusz Kałamaga, Karol Kopiec, Wiolka Walaszczyk,  
  • Laugh at Hybrydy, Tomasz Jachimek, Jacek Stramik,
  • Laught out loud Rafał Banaś, Michał Leja,
  • No Offense – Karol Modzelewski, Łukasz „Lotek” Lodkowski

We are a licensed content provider for the Netflix VOD platform. Please contact us if you have audiovisual content that could be shown on this platform.

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