Ekstraklasa Triumphs Over Piracy

Ekstraklasa Triumphs Over Piracy

Ekstraklasa, the premier men's football league in Poland, successfully tackled the rampant piracy problem that had plagued their broadcasts. With thousands of pirated match videos flooding YouTube and unauthorized streaming, it was imperative for the league to protect its content and monetize it effectively. In this case study, we will explore how BB Media Group helped Ekstraklasa manage to overcome this challenge and secure its rightful revenue.

The challenge

The proliferation of pirated Ekstraklasa football match videos on YouTube posed a significant threat to the league's revenue stream. Pirates were profiting from illegal streaming and unauthorized copying of matches, leading to substantial financial losses.


As a trusted partner of Ekstraklasa, BB Media Group spearheaded the implementation of a comprehensive content management strategy to tackle the rampant piracy issues plaguing the league's valuable content. Through our proactive approach, we enabled Ekstraklasa to regain control over their intellectual property and ensured that all income generated from watching Ekstraklasa materials flowed directly to the rightful copyright owner.

Results: What we did?

Shielded Matches from Illegal Broadcasts: Over two seasons, we successfully protected their matches from illegal broadcasts, thwarting several dozen illicit streams during each football round. In total, we safeguarded more than 500 football matches from piracy.

Organized, Secured, and Monetized Archival Files: we organized, secured, and monetized archival files from multiple seasons on YouTube. This proactive approach effectively blocked thousands of pirated videos, preventing unauthorized dissemination.

Addressed Pirates' Complaints: Unsurprisingly, our actions caused quite a stir among the pirates. Nevertheless, we confidently handled the resulting complaints and challenges, determined to protect Ekstraklasa content and revenue.

Established Official Ekstraklasa YouTube Channels: As part of this project, we helped Ekstraklasa to establish official YouTube channels dedicated to their league. This move not only enhanced their brand presence but also allowed them to exert more control over their content distribution.

Provided Training on YouTube Channel Usage: we conducted comprehensive training sessions to educate stakeholders on the proper utilization of the official YouTube channels. This initiative ensured a standardized approach to content management and maximized the platform's potential.

Implemented Tailored Content Settings: To cater to their client's specific needs and contractual agreements, we devised customized settings that enabled content display and monetization in particular countries while blocking access in other territories. This allowed them to optimize revenue streams and ensure compliance with regional agreements.

Join us in protecting and monetizing your valuable content. Let's safeguard your intellectual property and maximize your revenue streams together.

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