Wildlife, Nature, and documentary film distribution

Have you ever wondered why people watch natural history and documentary programs? Studies have shown that people who watched a short excerpt from a nature documentary were more likely to report increased feelings of joy, amazement, awe, contentment, and curiosity. They also reported a reduction in feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, and fatigue.

The challenge

How to gain an audience for documentaries?


YouTube is the largest platform in the world, thanks to which you can reach your audience all over the world in an instant, if you understand how EcoSytem YouTube works. Our team is an experienced group of specialists who know how to manage content to earn money.
For many years we have represented the documentary film catalog - EBS Korea and IMBC. Many items have been featured on our Earth Planet channel with 464,000 subs and 200 million views.

Results: What we did?

A big success on the channel became short films picturing dinosaur fights, created in our Media LAB from the materials provided to us. The most popular of them already achieved over 53 million views.

If you have the rights to a documentary and wanted to publish it on a channel whose number of subscribers will give you access to a great audience, and thus monetization of your work, please contact us.

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Media LAB

We provide technical assistance depending on our client’s needs, we take care of ingest and quality control, localization, graphic design, conformance, transcoding, packaging & delivery, and more.


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