Distribution of animated films

Animated movies are perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Although this genre is usually intended for children, the love for beautiful animations and well-told fairy tales knows no age limit.

The challenge

Where do children watch smart, interesting educational films? So where to distribute them?


Since 2015, BB Media Group has been publishing animated movies and series for children on YouTube. Among our largest distributors are such companies as MONDO TV, Zoland Distribution, and Orange Studio.

Thanks to our YouTube channels, the fairy tales of our Partners have already been viewed over 960 million times, which translates to over 160 million watch times…
That’s over 18200 years of watching!

Results: What we did?

The delivered content is immediately uploaded to our channels selected in terms of language and/or rights to a given territory.

We prepare metadata in a way that is friendly to YouTube algorithms.

We carry out regular publications in accordance with the established calendar.

We will provide content monetization, along with resolving potential legal claims.

If you have copyrights to your films only in selected territories – We can make them visible only there!

If you are the sole owner of the rights to the content – We can secure them from online pirates so that they bring benefits only to you.

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We are a TV and home video rights distributor and a VOD aggregator for feature films, animations, and lifestyle shows. We are also a certified partner of Netflix and deliver content to Amazon, iTunes, and CDA Premium, among others.


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