MMA Galas - Anti-Piracy (Live Content ID)

Securing the biggest MMA events in Europe is a real challenge. As soon as the transmission begins, illegal retransmission attempts begin at the same time. By protecting your live streams, we can prevent the loss of revenue.

The challenge

MMA Galas are one of the most important events for all martial arts fans. Once the livestream starts, illegal retransmission attempts begin at the same time. There can be thousand of such attempts in the first 20 minutes from the beginning of the transmission. The challenge is to secure such event against illigal streaming on YouTube.


To secure live broadcasts BB Media Group uses a unique tool - LIVE Content ID, which allows us to take down illegal streams during the event. That means we’re able to protect content in real-time.

Results: What we did?

In 2022, we secured over 100 events, blocked nearly 180,000 illegal files.

Only during one event we blocked over 2,000 illegal retransmissions.

Are you losing money because your paid event is shared for free? Are you losing money because someone is illegally monetizing your event? Please contact us to protect it.

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Security On-bro


We specialize in spotting and stopping online pirates. We trace all copies, even if they are mere seconds long, and react by blocking a big part of coping attempts before they even reach YouTube.


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