Sekielski and Sekielski Brother Studio - anti-piracy and monetization

Sekielski and Sekielski Brothers Studio - Anti-Piracy and Monetization

Brothers Tomasz and Marek Sekielski are independent filmmakers, creators of the documentaries "Just don't tell anyone" and "Playing Hide and Seek" made thanks to a social fundraiser, which premiered on YouTube. Sekielski Brothers Studio is a continuation of their activities, where interviews, current affairs programs, reports, and documentaries are created.

The challenge

Verification and creation of exclusions in reference files, taking into account the rules of the YouTube platform and the property rights of other entities.

YouTube imposed monetization restrictions (the yellow dollar sign) and the Sekielski brothers need help with getting rid of it, as well as make as successful as possible monetization.


We ensured the protection of over 500 films at both channels owned by the Siekielski brothers – most of them are covered by the Content ID system. We helped with publishing and securing the Content ID system for the two flagship films of the Sekielski brothers, “Just don’t tell anyone” and “Hide and Seek”

Results: What we did?

We secure the copyrights to over 500 videos on both of Brothers Sekielski's channels using the Content ID system, including the two flagship films of the Sekielski brothers, "Just don't tell anyone" and "Hide and seek".

We have filed approximately 150 claims on User Generated Content files.

We create our own match policy to allow other users to use short snippets of videos without receiving Content ID claims.

We've sorted things out with YouTube Support to remove the monetization restrictions that were automatically applied by the yellow dollar sign.

Do you create independent materials and would like to earn money on the one hand, but also to protect your rights? BB Media Group, as a certified YouTube partner, has access to the Content ID tool and can help you with this.

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