Kids Planet


Looking for the perfect channel to keep little ones entertained? Look no further than Kids Planet! Our channel offers endless hours of the coolest cartoons in English, featuring all of your kids' favorite characters. They'll embark on completely new adventures filled with magic, time travel, love, and friendship.

At Kids Planet, we pride ourselves on being a place where dreams come true. Whether a child is in the mood for classic and old cartoons or futuristic 3D animations, they'll find it all on our channel. Moreover, our content maintains a kid-friendly nature, providing reassurance that children are exposed to age-appropriate programming with wholesome content.

Kids Planet is a part of Our Channel Network.

Stats July 2023

  • Subscribers: 64.3K 
  • Videos: 591
  • Views: 21,817,464
  • Language: English
  • Territory: Worldwide

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