Case Studies


NEW Ekstraklasa Triumphs Over Piracy

Ekstraklasa, the premier men's football league in Poland, successfully tackled the rampant piracy problem that had plagued their broadcasts. With thousands of pirated match videos flooding YouTube and unauthorized streaming, it was imperative for...

CANAL+ Sport - Anti-Piracy & Geoblocking

CANAL+ Sport is a leading provider of sports content. Canal+ Sport shows, among others, matches of PKO BP Ekstraklasa, the French football league, half of the matches of the Spanish league, PGE Ekstraliga and eWinner I Liga Żużlowa, NBA league and...

Distribution of animated films

Animated movies are perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Although this genre is usually intended for children, the love for beautiful animations and well-told fairy tales knows no age limit.

MMA Galas - Anti-Piracy (Live Content ID)

Securing the biggest MMA events in Europe is a real challenge. As soon as the transmission begins, illegal retransmission attempts begin at the same time. By protecting your live streams, we can prevent the loss of revenue.

Stand Up Series - production for Netflix

When Netflix enters a new country, it actively seeks out local content to cater to the specific tastes and preferences of the local audience. Conducts extensive market research to understand the cultural nuances, language, and viewing habits of the...