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BB Media Group is an international company focused on digital film distribution, technical solutions, and YouTube guidance. With operations in Europe and North America, we provide specialized services in digital rights management, utilizing YouTube's content ID system. Our certified team specializes in channel management, optimization, monetization, anti-piracy, and metadata. We strive to maximize our partners' profitability by offering the best solutions. Our comprehensive services cover the entire process, including audit and analysis, strategy development, uploading and managing of video assets, as well as monitoring and reporting.


Meet our Team

Group 1612-1

Emilia Ciszewska

Managing Director

Runs BB Media Group with confidence and ensures its development, both as a company and as a team. She is the leader in building relationships with partners and in any area where her industry knowledge and experience are needed.

Group 1639

Jakub Ciszewski

Head of Digital Rights Management

Lead and manage the digital rights management department. Develop strategies to protect intellectual property, manage licensing agreements, and mitigate digital piracy risks. Ensure compliance with copyright laws and negotiate contracts.

Holder of Digital Rights, Audience Growth certificates

Group 1640

Karol Kulpa

Head of Channel Management

Lead and oversee the management of YouTube channels. Develop content strategies, optimize channel performance, and drive subscriber growth. Manage partnerships, and analyze performance metrics. In addition, his specialization lies in resolving ownership conflicts and safeguarding video content and live broadcasts against unauthorized duplication.

Holder of YouTube Channel Growth, YouTube Asset Monetization, YouTube Content Ownership, YouTube Music Certification certificates

Group 1642

Robert Skórski

Rights Management & Analytics Specialist

Robert is one of BB Media’s expert digital rights managers and data analysts. 

His ability to gather insights and analyze metrics offers our clients a huge advantage when it comes to leveraging data to optimize performance and inform decision-making. 

Robert also leads on the protection of our clients’ intellectual property, enforces licensing agreements, and tracks content usage. 

Holder of Digital Rights, Audience Growth certificates

Group 1643

Bartłomiej Ciszewski

Head Administration & Payments

Responsible for overseeing administrative operations and managing payment processes. Ensure efficient financial transactions, develop and implement effective payment strategies. Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and optimize administrative systems.

Where you can meet us

We attend exhibits at major film and television markets throughout the year. Content may be presented at the following markets and festivals:

  • American Film Market
  • MIPCOM Cannes
  • MIPTV Cannes
  • NATPE Budapest International
  • FilmArt Hong Kong
  • Asia TV Forum & Market
  • Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych (FPFF Gdynia)
Let's talk

Contact us if you need any further information about our services: monetization, anti-piracy, channel management, licence sales and buy, media lab.

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