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What is it?

Content Identification: Content ID is a system developed by YouTube that scans uploaded content against a database of files submitted by content owners.
Copyright Protection: It's a tool designed to protect the rights of content owners by detecting and managing copyrighted material on YouTube.

Monetization Option: When a match is found with the content in the database, the content owner has several options, one of which is to monetize the matched video.

Revenue Generation: By choosing to monetize, ads can be placed on the matched video, with revenue from these ads going to the original content owner, not the uploader.

Unauthorized Uploads: Content ID is particularly effective in managing unauthorized uploads, turning potential copyright infringement into a new revenue stream for content owners.

User Engagement Tracking: Apart from monetization, Content ID also allows content owners to track viewer engagement on the matched videos, offering valuable insights into audience behavior.

Who could benefit from this?

Television Networks and Production Companies: YouTube's Content ID system is beneficial for Television Networks and Production Companies. It enables them to monetize unauthorized content uploads on YouTube, discouraging misuse and creating a new revenue stream. This ensures ad earnings reach rightful content creators, transforming potential copyright challenges into lucrative opportunities in today's digital media landscape.

Sports Right Owners and Broadcasters: YouTube's Content ID is a game-changer for sports rights owners and broadcasters.
The beauty of Content ID lies in its capacity to boost your overall ad revenue. Every unauthorized upload that uses your sports content becomes a potential revenue source. This ensures that your content continues to work for you, earning revenues even when it's used without your permission.

Film Producers and Distributors: Can monetize instances when clips or full versions of their movies are uploaded by other users.

Music Artists and Record Labels: Can monetize user-uploaded videos that use their songs, either in full or partially (such as background music in a vlog or a cover performance).

Book Publishers and Authors: Can monetize audiobooks or video readings of their copyrighted written content uploaded by others.

Steps for Successful Collaboration

First meeting - to understand the client's needs and develop customized solutions for the identified challenges
Preparation of Preliminary Report - to verify a quantity of unauthorized content and outline required actions to address the issue
Second meeting - presentation of the report's findings. Discussion and approval of the proposed strategy.
Strategy Implementation - executing the agreed-upon strategy.
Continuous monitoring - permanent scan of YouTube database and enabling monetization option on detected unauthorized content
Interim Revenue Report - We provide periodic revenue reports, tracking earnings from unauthorized uploads of your content on YouTube. Our detailed reports show the additional income stream you're gaining from otherwise infringing content. We handle the income transfer, redirecting every penny earned back to you - the rightful content owner. 

Tools we use

Content ID – automatically detects illegal copies of materials under copyright. Once detected, one of the predefined actions is applied: block it, monitor it, or profit from it.
Manual Claiming – sometimes, we find and take down files manually when a real-time intervention is needed.

Is It Worth It?

The utilization of the power of YouTube's Content ID in monetization mode can unlock numerous benefits for content owners. However, navigating this terrain is no small feat - this is where the support of an experienced team becomes crucial. Let's delve into the potential advantages:

Maximized Revenue: We use our expertise to optimize your content's monetization, ensuring you get the most out of ads on your videos and even unauthorized uploads.

Protection of Intellectual Property: With Content ID, unauthorized uploads of your content are detected and can be monetized, ensuring your intellectual property rights are upheld, and you're compensated for the use of your content.

Time and Effort Savings: We handle the complex task of managing and optimizing monetization strategies, leaving you more time to focus on creating content.

Dispute Management: We help manage and resolve any Content ID disputes that may arise, making sure your rights are protected.

Insights and Analytics: Through Content ID, MCNs can provide valuable insights into your audience's behavior and engagement with your content, aiding in the development of future content strategies.

How much does it cost?

The cost of monetization services on YouTube can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the scope of services needed, the level of expertise required, and the duration of the engagement.
We provide customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.
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