Free graphics and music for YouTube videos and thumbnails

Free graphics and music for YouTube videos and thumbnails

One of the main problems for aspiring creators is obtaining graphics and/or music to use in their videos and thumbnails. The new channel does not make money, so content that can be used without fees is usually sought for. This solution can help in the development of the channel that we create for our own use.

Below are some services that provide graphics and music for free. However, it should be noted that in each case, you should read the license and rules applicable on a given website to find out what is allowed, what is prohibited and what are the terms of use of the content.

Another important issue is that these websites may exclude their liability and not provide any guarantees regarding the resources provided, which may raise some concerns and doubts. Therefore, if we need graphics or music for commercial purposes, and in particular for work being done for our clients, we strongly recommend using proven, paid services, such as Adobe Stock, where our rights to use the content are properly documented.

The main and safe source of music and sound effects for a novice creator on YouTube will of course be the Audio Library, which is available from YouTube Studio, after logging into the website:

Canva is a service that allows you to easily - also using ready-made, modifiable templates - create graphics, including presentations and interesting thumbnails for use on YouTube platform. Canva offers both free and paid graphics and is a great solution if you do not have access to programs such as Photoshop:

Pixabay is a popular and free bank of photos, videos, music and sound effects. Many creators use this site to create content for their own channel:
Unsplash is a social photo sharing site. They can be used under the terms of the Unsplash license. Necessary to read:
Pexels is a free image service currently owned by Canva. Photos are uploaded by users or come from other sources of free graphics:
Known to everyone, Adobe also provides a database of free and paid graphics, available after logging in:
Finally, we remind you that you should carefully read the license and terms of use of the content on each of the above websites. In case of any doubts or while creating commercial content, we strongly recommend using paid services.

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