5 steps to grow YouTube channel

5 steps on how to grow your YouTube channel and build your audience

#step 1 - Develop a strategy and an action plan 
Just like any undertaking, developing a YouTube channel requires a lot of thought and devisement of both -  a plan and a strategy. First of all, we need to know what the subject of our channel will be, whether we will focus on education, entertainment, or other types of content. How much material we are able to prepare to ensure the consistency of publication? If we assume that our goal would be to educate viewers, what problem do we want to help them solve? What question do we want to answer? What do we want to achieve?

#step 2 - Define your audience. Who are my viewers?
Answer the question: who is my audience, and who do I want to direct my content to? Identifying your target audience is crucial in building and growing your channel. By tailoring content around a specific topic, over time you will build an engaged audience that will keep coming back to you. The condition here is the consequence of action.

#step 3 - Create valuable content.
Regardless of the topic of your channel, whether you are an educational creator or rather lean towards entertainment, make sure that your content has value for the audience. Does it solve a problem? Does it teach something specific or answer specific questions in a given field? The viewers cannot feel that the time they spent watching your videos is time wasted.

#step 4 - The first 10 seconds count...
The first 10 seconds of the video are crucial to the success of our video. Combined with an interesting, attention-grabbing thumbnail and a catchy title, the first 10 seconds of the video is a kind of confirmation for the viewer that this is the content they want to watch and that they have made the right choice.

#step 5 - Don't waste your time
Very important: don't waste your time or the time of the audience. Try to provide the viewer with content that is specific, clear, concise and to the point. Do not include cards or logos for more than 20 seconds - this may cause the viewer to stop watching. Leave a positive impression and feel that the time spent on your channel is time spent usefully. This will make the viewer come back to you.

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