YouTube where to start

YouTube - where to start?

This is one of the most common questions that arise in contact with our clients. I thought it was worth writing about it and sharing my experience. Maybe it is something you also wonder about? Or maybe you are just planning to develop your own YouTube channel?

YouTube is referred to as the second largest search engine in the world, where users spend billions of hours a day browsing a variety of content. This creates a huge potential for creators. Everyone has a chance to become known, and it attracts more and more new creators like a magnet. This is an opportunity for both individual creators and companies, for the purposes of brand promotion or as a way to reach more recipients with their services. Brainstorming ideas and enthusiasm are one thing, but before we start recording our first video and investing in expensive equipment, we need to create an action plan. You must be aware that success on YouTube is primarily hard and engaging work, time, knowledge of how the platform works and a bit of luck.

In order to successfully start and develop the channel, we need to answer a few questions.

What will my channel be about?
Defining the subject of the channel is extremely important. It's about building a coherent whole, finding a place for yourself. It is best to find your thematic niche or a gap, a topic that is less exploited by others, and at the same time is up to date. Proceed by thorough research, reviewing existing channels on similar topics. What is the content there, what is the reception of the audience? Of course, we don't copy, we get inspiration and knowledge about what people watch on other channels 😊

Who will watch me?
The second most important thing is to define our audience. The answer to the question of who we want to reach and for what purpose. Do we want to educate our viewers, for example, what questions do we want to answer? What problems do we want to solve for them? It is important to set a goal and consistently pursue it.

The answers to these questions will help us plan our next steps. For example, how many materials are we able to prepare so as to ensure the continuity of publications on the channel, the topics of the next episodes, or, for example, will there be any thematic series from which separate playlists can be created. How long will the videos be? (Important issue in terms of placing ads during the movie). All this must be carefully planned in advance.

Breaking through with your content and developing the channel is certainly a challenge.

We will be happy to help with our knowledge and experience. We help both - those starting and those who are already on the run 😊

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