Unleash YouTube Potenial

Unleash Your YouTube Potential: Discover, Optimize, and Analyze with These Powerful Tools

The following tools will help you find inspiration for creating new videos, optimize metadata for search engines and audience appeal, and also be useful to analyze the thematic niche and YouTube channels belonging to other creators.

Social Blade https://socialblade.com
SocialBlade is a website that collects statistics from social media, including YouTube. The tool can be useful in channel development - not only because we can see different predictions about our channel. The main advantage of SocialBlade is giving users the ability to see how our competition is developing or, if you prefer, channels with similar topics operating in the same niche.

The “User Videos” tab allows you to quickly select the most watched videos on a given channel, and the “Detailed Statistics” tab has interesting charts where you can see when the channel started gaining more subscriptions or views. 

source: socialblade.com 

By analyzing individual videos and comparing the chart with the dates of publication on the channel, we can deduce what videos contributed to the increases, what changes the creator introduced in a given period - were the thumbnails redesigned, the way titles were constructed, or maybe the themes of the videos were changed?

Google Trends https://trends.google.pl/
The Google Trends tool allows you to track current trends in the Google or YouTube search engine. At the same time, it displays other topics related to a given query and reveals how search engine users tried to find information on a specific topic - in other words, it shows what queries were entered into the search engine most often and which have recently gained popularity.

source: trends.google.com

Google Trends allows you to compare up to 5 different queries and shows their relative popularity in a graph.googletrends2
source: trends.google.com

This information can inspire you to create new videos and will also help you optimize and create interesting titles, descriptions, and thumbnails for your content.

You don't know why one of the videos suddenly started to be promoted by YouTube and gained a lot of views? This is often the result of some events and a general increase in interest in a given topic among Internet users - the Google Trends tool will help to verify this.

The site also includes information on topics that are popular on a given day, with the option of displaying data for a specific country. This can be helpful in finding a topic for a new video.

Google Keyword Planner https://ads.google.com/intl/pl_pl/home/tools/keyword-planner

The Google keyword planner is a useful tool for creating advertising campaigns, but it will also help you verify how popular certain words or phrases are in the search engine in a specific country or in a given language. The tool in the "Discover new keywords" mode will also suggest other queries similar to ours.

The column “Avg. monthly searches”, which approximately shows how often users entered a given word or phrase and their variants in the search engine.

source: ads.google.com

This information is useful when optimizing your metadata for search engines and while choosing a topic for your next video.

YouTube.com and Google.com - Search engines
A good old method of finding inspiration or what other users are looking for on the Internet is the use of the automatic suggestions that are generated by both YouTube and Google search engines.

source: youtube.com

Moreover, after searching for a given phrase on Google, at the bottom of the page there is a list of other similar queries.

source: google.com

The information gained this way will also be useful in optimizing the metadata in our videos.

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