YouTube Partnership – distribution

When you seek large-scale YouTube content distribution

“Being on YouTube” sounds simple, as it has no intrinsic value. Now, “Being watched on YouTube” allows you to achieve your goals. With the distribution within our YouTube Partnership – distribution service, the road to achieve them will be shorter, with no bureau-cratic dead ends where you can easily get stuck when you are a content owner who does not belong to a certified partner network.

We have efficiently solved the problem with YouTube distribution of movies and TV shows for Polish Television: 07 Come In (07 zgłoś się), Four Tank-men and a Dog (Czterej Pancerni i Pies), The Cop (Glina), The Pack (Sfora), Janosik, More Than Life at Stake (Stawka większa niż życie), The Witcher (Wiedźmin), Yellow Scarf (Żółty szalik), and WFDiF.

OBJECTIVE: worldwide distribution of classic Polish movies: A Trip Down the River (Rejs), Hotel Pacif-ic (Zaklęte Rewiry), Sequence of Feelings (Kolejność Uczuć), A Short Film About Love (Krótki Film o Miłości), or Three Colors (Trzy kolory) by Kieślowski.

For WFDiF (whose movies formerly belonged to TOR Film Production), we have developed a YouTube content distribution strategy and built a channel that we have been running since 2013. From the very beginning, we have been doing what our customer could not do on its own regular account. Being a member of a certified YouTube partner network, we can not only set geolocation for each file (the regions in which it is to be available, e.g., excluding Poland), define the terms and conditions of use, but also block illegal copies and even profit from them. Whenever someone tries to make money on WFDiF movies, they fail because we take the money over from advertisers and redirect it to the entity that has the rights to the content.


regions simultaneously
212 000
3 000 000
300 000
watch hours/month

Do you have video/audio content for which you want to expand your audience? We fully commit to help you achieve this goal.

Jakub Ciszewski

Do you create good content, but are unable to spread your wings and gain momen-tum within your own channel? Use our reach.

As a Multi-Channel Network we have our own thematic distribution channels, where we aggregate licensed materials from our partners around the world. Thanks to the parameters they obtain, the content “goes up” on YouTube and it becomes of interest for advertisers. And such interest translates into money from ads for content owners – that is, hopefully, soon to be you.

Earth Planet      YouTube
Reach: global
Subscriptions: 334 000
Views – average/month: 5 100 000
Watch time in hours – average/month: 516 900

Kids Planet      YouTube

Reach: global
Subscriptions: 43 400
Views – average/month: 415 000
Views – average/month: 90 000

Film Planet      YouTube

Reach: global
Subscriptions: 73 800
Views – average/month: 415 000
Watch time in hours – average/month: 163 100
Documentary Channel      YouTube
Reach: global
Subscriptions: 62 800
Views – average/month: 998 400
Watch time in hours – average/month: 271 700