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YouTube is currently the second largest search engine, VOD platform, and area of con-tent and advertising activities. If you have high hopes for this platform, simply uploading the videos is not enough.

There are many activities that make up the concept of channel management – such as defining the terms and conditions of use, monetization, tracking, geolocation, descriptions, tags, but also handling claims, blocking illegal copies – to lay down a path to success. As is the case with everyday activities, this is not a direct highway to success, but a road lined with cobblestones, which takes a lot of time to walk. This is why it is worth entrusting your channel to us, for instance.

This is how we have collaborated with Ekstraklasa for 6 years, creating one of the best sports channels on YouTube.


For Ekstraklasa, we have expanded its YouTube channel. Our services included upload-ing match excerpts, securing them and creating an archive. Content management al-lowed us to solve the problem of its illegal use by YouTube users (copying matches, ille-gal streaming), and all income from watching Ekstraklasa materials now goes to the cop-yright owner. Channel arrangement and content control improved the credibility of our customer when selling the broadcasting rights to TV channels.


problems with illegal copies on YouTube

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Jakub Ciszewski