YouTube Certification Program. How to be YouTube Certified?

YouTube Certification Program. How to be YouTube Certified?

What is YouTube Certification Program and how to become a YouTube Certified Partner?

Let's start with what it Certification Program is. YouTube Certification Program consists of online courses that are designed to show how to use advanced tools and systems offered by the YouTube platform. The courses focus on multiple programs and materials about rights management, advanced analytics, monetization, reporting, and sales. 
YouTube wants people who use the platform to be up to date with all the news and have up-to-date information. Companies and individuals can use the program. On the platform, you will find training materials divided into sections that you need to study and then pass an online test.

The Certification Program allows you to take 4 different courses depending on your needs and your own job role. Let's take a look at what each course offers.

Content Ownership Course
With this course, You will acquire knowledge on how to navigate the CMS efficiently, learn about copyrights, and how to use analyses and claims. 

Topics covered:

  • Copyright on YouTube
  • Business operations with CMS
  • Rights enforcement with Content ID

Asset Monetization Course
This course will help You optimize revenues on channels and deepen Your knowledge of Internet rights, expand analytics tools, and present complex claim scenarios.

Topics covered:

  • Asset optimization for revenue
  • Revenue analysis and reporting

Music Course
In this course, You will learn how to build a fan base for music channels how to measure the effectiveness of your activities, and use appropriate strategies.

Topics covered:

  • Content and channel strategies
  • Promotions and engagement
  • Analytics
  • Revenue
  • Basic rights management

Music Right Management
This course will teach You how to manage music rights on a large scale and how to maximize your resources

Topics covered:

  • Music copyright on YouTube
  • Asset optimization for revenue
  • Content ID claims and policies
  • Content delivery and reporting

So, how to join to YouTube Certification Program and become YouTube Certified?

  1. Go the the YouTube Creator Academy
  2. Complet the course you need
  3. Pass the exam, You must score 75% or higher
  4. Submit your application
  5. Wait for approval
  6. Get official YouTube certification

If you are an individual creator make sure your channel is big enough to qualify. Your channel must have: 
-> 1000 subscribers and 4000 important hours of viewing time for public videos in the last 12 months 
-> 1,000 subscribers and 10 million valid public Short video views in the last 90 days.

You can get a certification if You are working in a company that is using YouTube’s managed business services. These services include channel/playlist management, optimization, monetization, video promotion, and ad campaigns. Your company has to employ a minimum 3 persons with passed certificate.

Being certified comes with benefits, such as:

  • You will be among people with a certificate
  • You will achieve a badge that you will be able to show on your YouTube channel and website
  • You'll gain the knowledge to grow your own channel as you learn more about audience development and digital rights
  • Certificate holders will gain greater trust from visitors and customers
  • You will be included in the directory of certified people.
And remember, the YouTube certificate is valid for 18 months, after this time you have to retake the exam to continue being YouTube Certified.

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