What are MCN?

What are multi-channel networks for?

Sometimes people developing their YouTube channels ask what MCNs (multi-channel networks) are for, what they offer, and why certain tools are reserved only for them. If you are also asking yourself this question, we will briefly try to answer it.

Multi-Channel Networks are third-party service providers that bring together multiple YouTube channels. They offer a variety of services, such as helping you grow your channel, assisting you with claims, strikes or demonetization issues, protecting your content from illegal copying, or finding business partners that are appropriate for your channel model.

It is worth noting that individual MCNs specialize in different areas, so the decision about who they want to associate with should be preceded by appropriate research. Also carefully read the agreements, which should include the amount of the fee charged by the network, the scope of services offered, the commitment period, and the way to end cooperation if either party is not satisfied with it.

One of the main areas of operation of the BB Media Group is the protection of the content of its clients. Thanks to special tools provided to us by YouTube, we are able to monitor the appearance of pirated files and - depending on the customer's wishes - block them or transfer the entire income from the advertisements displayed on them to the rightful owner of the content. Sounds good? Of course. However, we often hear questions, "why can't I do it myself", "why do I have to tie up with an external company"... The reason is quite obvious...

"Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility"

Fans of fantasy cinema will surely associate the above quote from the movie about Spiderman - Marvel's comic book superhero, but the truth contained in it is universal and translates into many aspects of our lives, including the YouTube ecosystem. Here, the role of superheroes guarding order is played by MCNs. And just as the tools they possess can effectively fight online piracy, their irresponsible use can also cause enormous damage.

With MCNs it is a bit like with the traffic police - a special service, undergoing numerous trainings and equipped with appropriate equipment, whose task is to keep order on the roads. If it seems to you that such a system does not work, please imagine that there are no police on the roads, and every road driver has the powers and tools to immediately enforce the law by stopping and punishing other road users. It doesn't take much imagination to see how much paralysis such a system would cause. Just a Wild West.

I think this simple example is enough to answer the question why every YouTube user cannot get access to tools to protect their content, and they are concentrated in the hands of YouTube Partners. It is also worth adding that not every MCN has all the tools available to YouTube. Their allocation often requires very good justification and an appropriate level of trust, which takes years to build.

In summary, YouTube focuses on a proven and working model in this aspect. MCN employees undergo regular training in the field of platform operation or content protection methods, and their errors or possible abuses are thoroughly monitored. This allows you to maintain a healthy YouTube ecosystem, which would simply not be possible in the “everyone blocks everyone” model.

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