6 Most Common Copyright Infringment

Top 6 Most Common Copyright Infringements on YouTube for sport content creators

At BB Media Group, we recognize the significance of safeguarding your valuable copyrights from unauthorized use on YouTube. As sports content creators, you invest time, effort, and passion into producing engaging material, and we are committed to helping you combat copyright infringements effectively. In this article, we address the seven most prevalent challenges faced by sports content owners on YouTube and share how our tools, Content ID, Live Content ID, and Manual Claiming Tool, can be utilized to protect your work.

  1. Unauthorized Live Broadcasts 

    One of the most common issues is the unauthorized live streaming of sports events through unofficial YouTube channels, often copied from television broadcasts or pay-per-view services.

    Combat with Live Content ID (LIVE CID):

    Leverage Live Content ID to detect and claim unauthorized live broadcasts in real-time. By using Live CID, you can identify and take prompt action against infringing streams.

  2. Utilizing Sports Event Footage

    Unauthorized use of clips, remixes, mashups, and shorts from sports events is prevalent on YouTube.


    Combat with Content ID:

    BB Media Group utilizes a Content ID system to upload reference files of your sports content, enabling YouTube to identify and manage matches effectively. You can claim identified content and block, track or monetize it as per your agreements with copyright owners.

  3. Short Clips to Evade Detection

    Unauthorized users may share very short clips to avoid detection by YouTube's automated systems, and it's important to note that not all of these clips can be justified under fair use or fair dealing provisions. 

    Combat with Content ID and Manual Claiming Tool:

    While Content ID identifies longer infringements, use the Manual Claiming Tool to manage short clips and protect your copyrighted material.

  4. Vague descriptions

    Some YouTube users employ vague metadata for their videos to deceive the Content ID system and conceal the fact that their content is being published without proper licensing.


    Combat with Live Content ID Manual Claiming Tool:

    To counter this issue, BB Media Group utilizes Live CID and CID to efficiently locate such content, disregarding their metadata, and assert claims on them. Moreover, leveraging our extensive experience, our team manually searches YouTube to identify videos that may have escaped detection by YouTube's algorithms, and we proceed to claim them manually.

  5. Linking to Unofficial Streams

    Some users may include links to external websites offering unauthorized live streams of sports events.

    Combat with Reporting tools

    The BB Media Group team continuously monitors event-related videos on YouTube in search of links to external sites with unauthorized live streams. We report these videos to the YouTube team for takedown.

  6. Capturing Spectator Moments
    Users may record the most exciting moments from sports events in the audience and upload them on their social media. This can be a complex issue as it may not always constitute a copyright infringement. The legality of such recordings depends on various factors, including the event's regulations and the laws in the specific country. Therefore, seeking legal advice is crucial before taking any action in this matter.

The mentioned cases are only a part of the issues that copyright owners of sports content encounter. What they have in common is that they lead to tangible financial and reputational losses for the rights holders. At BB Media Group, we are here to help you resolve most of these problems! Contact us and see how we can assist you.

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