When you need to protect your YouTube Content

We specialize in spotting and stopping online pirates. We trace all copies, even if they are merely seconds long, and react by blocking a big part of coping attempts before they even reach YouTube.

what is YouTube
content protection?

It is frustrating when you work hard to achieve the best quality of your videos and you see someone else profit from it. Instead of filing a complaint through YouTube copyright form on your own, let us help you protect it with the right tools. And fast.

By preventing any unauthorized third party from acquiring your materials, we can assure that your content is guarded at all times. To support you, we use tools such as:

Live Content ID – automatically blocks illegal real-time broadcasts protected under a copyright.

Content ID – automatically detects illegal copies of materials under
a copyright. Once detected one of the predefined actions is applied: block it, monitor it or profit from it.

Manual Claiming – sometimes you have to do it by hand when manual real time intervention is needed.

No need to contact YouTube or await its decision.
We have access to these tools as its certified partner.

our strengths:

YouTube Certified

We have access to advanced systems and tools that let us react quickly and solve problems easily.

Full Service

We provide a full range of services when it comes to YouTube, while taking care of every detail even if there are multiple points to address.

Multi-Channel Network

You can use our reach. We have our own network of channels where we can publish your content.

content protection
case study:

MMA Gala

MMA Gala

MMA Gala starts…and right from the start they have over 200 illegal streams losing them money. We block all of them u...
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We have expanded its YouTube channel. Our services included uploading match excerpts, securing them and creating an arch...
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how it works:

You let us know what you need.

We evaluate the possibilities and audit your channel.

We design appropriate strategies.

We choose the right tools for the job.

We implement everything and you can focus on making content.

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