BB Media Group

When you are looking for a recognized partner to help you manage your content

BB Media Group is an international company dedicated to digital film distribution (TV,VOD), technical solution and YouTube guiding. The company is fully operational in Europe and North America. BB Media Group main activities consist of:

    • international rights aggregation and distribution on VOD platforms and TV channels (acquisition, licensing sales, direct distribution, international sales of TV movies and TV series),
    • media lab activities: delivering content in the right format, in the right place, at the right time around the world, taking care of different technical requirements, taking care of a video content lifecycle from the creation to the technical delivery to OTT, VOD platforms and TV channels, end-to-end localization QC, authoring, dubbing, subtitles) solution for broadcast, digital, interactive, and new media platforms, data storage, quality check & assurance,

QC| Encoding| Authoring| Mastering| Archiving & Data Collection| Dubbing & Subtitles| Asset Management| Digital Media Technologies

    • YouTube division: protection the copyright, management of the content and build a complete custom-made strategy for movies, series, music, sports, archiving and channels, management of sports live events, content ID and provide any other services needed, representing worldwide premium content owners with their distribution and copyright protection on YouTube, analyzing and optimizing  your channel to boost the viewer growth, digital copyright managers claim any illegal content on the platform and can redirect viewers of thiscontent to your official channel, rebranding your channel with banners & avatars.

Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, TVP, WFDiF, Ekstraklasa SA and many other well-known companies. These are our partners and customers, who in the past 9 years have discovered that our knowledge, experience and potential are remarkable, and that work-ing with us means peace of mind when it comes to project management.

We have answers to questions that you haven’t thought about yet, because after many years in the industry we basically know every single pixel of it. As a result, we operate efficiently and help our customers to distribute and obtain content or to fully use YouTube potential.

We offer

unique options in YouTube content protection that are not available to all partners: LIVE Content ID and Manual Claiming

a spectrum of possibilities – distribution and aggregation of TV, VOD (AVOD, TVOD, SVOD), Home Entertainment

experienced team – projects implemented with, for example, Canal+, Ekstraklasa SA


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Managing Director – runs BB Media Group with confidence and ensures its development, both as a company and as a team. She is the leader in building relationships with partners and in any area where her industry knowledge and experience are needed.


Head of VOD – Publishing – content manager: from contract execution, through channel management and content protection, to performance analysis and reports for licensors. He also ensures effective preparation of materials for publication on VOD platforms.

Holder of Digital Rights, Audience Growth certificates


Video Content Specialist, Team Leader – YouTube is his home, which is why he effectively plans and implements strategies for the development of our customers’ channels. He also specializes in resolving ownership conflicts and protecting against copying video content and live broadcasts.

Holder of YouTube Channel Growth, YouTube Asset Monetization, YouTube Content Ownership, YouTube Music Certification certificates


Channel Manager – monitors our customers’ YouTube channels, advises, creates content publication strategies and ensures their effective implementation, also in terms of graphic design, search engines and viewer preferences.

Holder of YouTube Channel Growth Assessment certificate.


Channel Manager – oversees our customers’ YouTube channels. He creates effective content publication strategies and is in charge of their implementation. He manages sports events, offering protection with LIVE Content ID. He also manages Amazon Video Direct.


Office Manager – guarantees smooth operation of our office and makes sure that nothing disturbs our focus when we are working for our customers.