YouTube Partnership

When you already have video or audio content and want to effectively protect it, reach a wide audience and monetize it, and to know who is using it on YouTube and elsewhere

YouTube offers great opportunities for content creators, but they are almost like Excalibur. It is not enough to be a user of this platform to take full advantage of its benefits: access to them is limited and reserved for a few certified partners.

As we are one of these partners, we can use such features as Manual Claiming and the sports LIVE Content ID, thanks to which we can quickly react and effectively protect our customers’ materials.

We will be your support on YouTube

YouTube Partnership

YouTube content protection

Content ID, LIVE content ID, Manual Claiming, blocking, securing recordings

YouTube channel monetization

monetization strategy, AdSense

Video content distribution

distribution strategy, optimization, collaboration with YouTube; own channels: Earth Planet, Kids Planet, Film Planet, Documentary Channel

Content monitoring

statistics, data analysis, identification of violations

YouTube channel management

channel strategy, optimization, traffic, viewership and engagement rate

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