YouTube Partnership – protection

When you need to protect your YouTube content

We specialize in spotting and stopping online pirates. We trace all copies, even if they are merely seconds long, and react by having them removed – even instantly, in the case of live streaming of sports, thanks to Manual Claiming and LIVE Content ID. No need to contact YouTube or await its decision. We have access to these tools as its certified partner.

We have been blocking illegal distribution channels, e.g., for WFDiF, Best Film, Hide and Seek (Zabawa w chowanego) by the Sekielski brothers, and secure live events such as MMA galas.

YouTube Partnership – protection


For the live streaming of sports events on YouTube, illegal streaming is a serious prob-lem. It lowers the viewership of the legal source – thus stealing viewers – and negatively affects the advertising revenues on the platform. Nobody likes losing money, but not eve-ryone can effectively protect such content. You need special tools to ensure immediate effectiveness – Manual Claiming and LIVE Content ID. We have access to them and ex-perience with sports content, which is why MMA gala events have chosen us to ensure their virtual security on YouTube.


illegal streams blocked in the first 30 minutes of the event
files blocked within 24 hours

Don’t want to lose control of your content or allow someone else to profit from it? We offer full protection of your audiovisual content on YouTube.

YouTube Partnership – protection

Jakub Ciszewski