YouTube Partnership – Monetization

When you want your YouTube content to make money on ads

It is true that content generates money. And it can be big. It will become a solid source of revenue for you once the channel meets the YouTube monetization requirements. Here, everyone starts from scratch, and the effect depends on the commitment – yours or that of the company that will take your videos under its wings.

Can you act on your own? Certainly, as soon as YouTube qualifies you for its partnership program. After accepting its terms and conditions, setting up an AdSense account and connecting to the channel, the machinery is launched and you get in line… Some people say that zombies move faster than that. To be fair, we wouldn’t know because, as a certi-fied YouTube partner, we don’t have to wait and we can act immediately. Therefore, if monetization is done by us, you can already cross out this point. This, and defining the terms and conditions of use for files. It does not seem to be a problem when you have a dozen of them, but trust us, at 7,000 it is a marathon.

This is why Canal+ entrusted us with the monetization of its channels: Canal+ Polska (e.g., Turbokozak, Dobry wieczór Sport, Liga+ Extra, Karolina Korwin Piotrowska poleca), Mini Mini +.

YouTube Partnership – Monetization


We started from scratch, because the revenue of Canal+ from its channels when we took them under our care was exactly null. So we started our activities with an audit to prepare the channels for making money. We arranged the content, determined which videos could form part of the monetization program (meeting the parameters), defined the terms and conditions of use for 7,000 files, set geolocation and activated the protection of the uploaded content so that 100% of the revenue from advertising went to the copyright owner; that is, to our customer. The objective was achieved and the channels started generating revenue from advertising.

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YouTube Partnership – Monetization

Jakub Ciszewski