KADR is a major Polish film production and distribution company founded in 1955.

Our task was to create an official YouTube channel for the studio that will present the achievements of Polish cinematography to a wider audience including outstanding films by Krzysztof Kieślowski and Andrzej Wajda.

We set up the channel and initially managed 60 films (gradually increased to 800 titles over time), secured the content against illegal distribution while ensuring that materials were monetized correctly.

Expected revenue coming from monetization were to contribute to the client’s budget needed for digital reconstruction and new productions. As a result of our activities, the channel gained over 246 000 subscribers and a satisfying revenue.

Films were publicly available on YouTube, free of charge with no regional restrictions.
We just ensured their full protection against copyright infringements with our Content ID system.

In total for over two seasons, we protected over 500 football matches, blocking thousands of illegal broadcasts, causing a huge stir among people who previously benefited from Ekstraklasa.

800 movie titles

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Jakub Ciszewski, Head of YT Team

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