BB Technology

When you need technical support for DVD/Blu-ray production, post production, sound editing and subtitling

Just as there is no Sherlock without Watson, no House, M.D. without a cane, our service cannot function without technology. This is why we also support our customers with tech-nical assistance so that the material is ready to be delivered to IPTV operators, OTT and VOD platforms. All this is managed by our Studio Blu, which is an authoring, graphic de-sign and post production studio.

Our portfolio includes such shows as The Ranch (Ranczo), (, our own editions of Mr. Blob (Pan Kleks), The Quack (Znachor), The Leper (Trędowata), The Deluge (Potop), Colonel Wolodyjowski (Pan Wołodyjowski), Larva, I, Olga Hepnarova (Já, Olga Hepnarová), and many other productions.

BB Technology
DVD and Blu-Ray Production
  • • Quality Check
  • • Localization
  • • Authoring
  • • Typography
  • • Production

Sound editing, subtitling

  • • Translation, adaptation and segmentation
  • • Dialogue lists for voice-over
  • • Translation and adaptation of the script for Polish dubbing
  • • Polish dubbing, recording of the voice-over version in Polish

Post production

  • • Film editing
  • • Coding of audiovisual materials in accordance with the specifications of VOD platforms and TV channels

Data Center

  • • Dedicated storage space for customer data

If you want to discuss the technical aspects of your production, you can count on our knowledge and experience